Performance and Leadership Development

Coaching for performance during Covid-19

Covid-19 has affected all our working lives. It has forced businesses to restructure and adapt to meet the challenges of the pandemic.

The demand for coaching support has increased. Performance and leadership development, for leaders and their teams, is seen as an essential business tool. Outplacement support, individual coaching and career planning has come into sharp focus.

Our range of coaching has been developed to provide you with bespoke support that will deliver results.

Development is critical to success

The above figures are taken from 2018 research carried out by Total Jobs. The findings show why UK employees changed jobs and what employers need to do to retain them.

Each of us wants to enjoy a rewarding career. We seek out workplaces that are interesting, yet challenging, that supports our learning and development and that values and rewards our contribution and effort. It helps us to achieve a good work-life balance.

During my time as a recruiter, this was the number one reason why people engaged me to find them new opportunities.

As an employer, the development of your people is key to the success of your organisation. A business that develops a coaching culture, with a focus on career management, learning and development at the heart of its strategy, will enjoy a greater success over those who don’t. As a leader, you will understand the importance of developing strategies that achieves results.

The Leader Hub’s performance and leadership coaching services will develop your leadership skills and that of your teams. It will position your business to identify and support the development of future leaders and improve employer performance and retention.

Additionally, it can develop and support your personal business strategy and performance; and help you develop your career story.

Performance and development coaching for business and individuals

A collective wealth of experience

For almost 30 years Mark Rice has partnered with businesses and individuals in the recruitment and careers sectors; including FTSE100 companies, SMEs, start-ups and individuals. The Leader Hub’s coaches deliver results-driven coaching support to businesses, leaders and their teams.

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