Performance and Leadership Development

Coaching for your organisation that connects your leaders to their teams to improve performance and engagement; and identifies future leaders to create and sustain a high-performance culture.

Individual coaching for leaders and entrepreneurs that is challenging and supportive so you can shape and achieve the career you want.

Supporting your performance and leadership needs

Honesty, integrity and trust are the core foundations of our work. This enables us  to develop strong partnerships, to challenge openly and with good humour, in order to develop a truly authentic win-win partnership with our clients.

This collaborative approach enables us to understand your culture and strategy, identify existing and potential pressures, and provide solutions that support continued growth. Leaning in on our collective knowledge, experiences and networks to identify and develop key hires, and future leaders to support individual and business growth. 

The Leader Hub provides practical and no-nonsense coaching solutions for your business, your teams and your career.

Developing a coaching culture

Developing a coaching culture is intrinsic to organisational success and offers a high-performance return from their coaching investment; some of the benefits are illustrated here.


Studies show that performance and leadership development increase individual and team confidence, business performance and, according to the CIPD, coaching is considered an essential business strategy.

Performance and Leadership Development for Employers and Individuals


“Mark is about quality, he will spend time with you to understand what you want and how best he can help you. He is a good sounding board and is happy to challenge and give guidance, when required, in a way that doesn’t feel directive.” 

Colin, Outplacement Specialist

“I’ve known Mark for nearly a decade now and during this time he hasn’t changed, Mark has remained professional, a great listener and passionate about what he does. 

He will walk you through your career objectives, highlight your areas of development and spotlight the gifts you didn’t know you had.” 

Evelyn, Senior Account Manager